Cyber Monitoring for Nonprofits

Cyber Monitoring: New First Nonprofit Member Benefit

What is Cyber Monitoring?

Cyber Monitoring scans the Dark Web and Hacker forums for the proprietary business data that you specify, such as email addresses, bank accounts, routing numbers, and corporate credit card/debit card information.

A variety of data gathering techniques such as spidering/crawling/scraping capabilities and forum extraction are used to identify suspicious activity.

We monitor up to 10:
• Company Email Addresses
• Bank Account/Routing Numbers
• Credit/Debit Cards
• Phone Numbers

What if they find something?

If we find the data you have provided is being traded on the Dark Web, we’ll alert you and provide 24/7 resolution assistance to help you handle the situation.

What does it cost?

First Nonprofit provides this benefit at no-cost to their customers. The offer is for 1 year of Cyber Monitoring powered by AmTrust Solutions, a division of AmTrust Financial (AFSI).

How do I sign up?

It’s easy to enroll. Click on the link below and begin your enrollment. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment with instruction on how to maximize your benefit by entering the information you want to monitor.

NOTE: The 150 or fewer employees requirement listed on the enrollment page does not apply to the 1 year of Cyber Monitoring benefit.