A Look at First Nonprofit Group: Then and Now

Since our inception in 1995 First Nonprofit Group (FNG) improved our financial strength, responded to shifting compliance issues and changing economies, and modified our service capacity to deliver multiple, value-added options for satisfying state unemployment responsibilities. And all the while, FNG continues to be the leading provider in the United States of state unemployment insurance solutions to 501c3 nonprofit, tribal and government entities. We began with the Unemployment Savings Program as our sole unemployment solution for nonprofits and quickly grew to offering four superior quality, money-saving options. To date, our Bonded Service Program is the only program in the country that offers comprehensive first and last dollar coverage. Plus, our value added solutions such as discounted background checks and cyber monitoring services, advance compliance and tighten up security.

The results and phenomenal growth are seen in the following infographic.

FNG Then and Now Infographic final