About Us

First Nonprofit Group provides state compliant, individually insured, cost-saving options to satisfy SUTA (State Unemployment Insurance Tax) requirements for nonprofit, governmental, and tribal entities.

How We Can Help

Nonprofit, governmental, and tribal entities can choose to cover their mandatory unemployment costs in one of two ways: Paying the State Unemployment Insurance Tax (SUTA) or through reimbursement financing (self-insurance). This financing method is a legal right available only to these organizations to opt-out of paying SUTA and reimburse their state unemployment agency dollar-for-dollar for unemployment claims paid only to their former employees. Opting out of SUTA can save money but this option does subject organizations to potential risks such as unexpected loss of funding or program closures that can lead to layoffs.

First Nonprofit Group provides a variety of both safe and cost-saving solutions to paying SUTA and self-insurance.

Who We Serve

Nationally, over 2,000 nonprofit, governmental, and tribal organizations rely on us to reduce, manage and safeguard their budget from uncertain unemployment insurance expenses.