Tribal Governments and Enterprises

A Complete Financial Unemployment Solution for American IndianAlaska ...

Tribal governments and enterprises are responsible for many different federal and state compliance requirements on tribal lands. For years, forward-thinking managers of tribal compliance have worked with professional third-party administrators to manage state unemployment claims very successfully.

But in today’s volatile climate of serious governmental funding issues and rapid administrative change, simply having unemployment claims administration is not enough. What now improves unemployment success is combining a fixed-cost unemployment insurance program with a top professional third-party claims administrator.

First Nonprofit Group of The Amynta Group™ partners with third-party claims administrators to provide state compliant, individually insured, cost-saving options to satisfy SUI (State Unemployment Insurance Tax) requirements for tribal enterprises throughout Indian country. Nationally, we support American Indian and Alaska Native tribes by guaranteeing sustainable self-government choices while providing economic security for their tribal enterprises and members. Our customers include:

  • government operation entities
  • tribal gaming commissions
  • casinos

Advance SUI compliance, restore financial self-reliance, and protect sustainable tribal enterprise by contacting us today for information about our combined unemployment insurance solutions.