Government Entities


State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Programs that Meet the Changing Needs...

The list of constant issues complicating annual budgeting and operational success of local and regional governments is long: funding fluctuations, eroding infrastructure, inadequate/unsecure technology and unfunded/underfunded future liabilities. Some solutions to these complications pose challenges outside the purview of government administration and necessitate support from private enterprise. First Nonprofit Group (FNG) provides the greater security, operational efficiency and budgetary certainty that meets state unemployment insurance needs of government entities.

  • FNG individual customers’ programs are either fully or partially insured with no shared risk.
  • FNG group programs accommodate financial requirements of both individual and collective necessities
  • FNG delivers secure risk management meeting extraordinary circumstances
  • FNG utilizes technology that is secure, flexible, and capable of interfacing with state unemployment agencies (ACH, direct reconciliation of charging and credits, etc.) and multiple departments or entities

First Nonprofit Group of the Amynta Group partners with third party claims and provides state compliant, individually insured, risk management solutions that satisfy SUI requirements for local, regional, and state government organizations. Nationally, nearly 2,000 organizations with over half a million employees utilize First Nonprofit Group services that reduce costs while safeguarding their organization from uncertain downstream unemployment insurance expenses. Our government entity customers include:

  • public school districts
  • county governments
  • cities/towns
  • fire protection
  • ambulance services