Tips for planning a successful campaign

September 5, 2014

Tips for planning a successful campaign

A good campaign, whether based around fundraising or awareness, can drive the success of a nonprofit by providing needed funds or developing knowledge in the local community about an important issue. Conversely, a campaign that has poor results means the time and effort put in by staff members will have been squandered. Successful campaigns also help charitable organizations develop and maintain the forward momentum that motivates both employees and volunteers. Because raising funds and awareness are so important, here's a look at key considerations that can boost effectiveness and create success:

  • Determine the start and the end: It's easier to find the right path when the origin and desired destination are known. All that's left is to find a line that successfully connects both points. For nonprofits, it's important to understand when, how and where a campaign will start, This can include a quiet kickoff or an attention-grabbing opening. Defining exactly what a success will be is also important, according to the Nonprofit Technology Network. Creating an internal consensus about the goals of a campaign makes it easier to work backwards and determine the middle and beginning of such an effort.
  • Figure out who needs to be involved: Some campaigns can include a heavy volunteer component and prove successful because the number of people involved helps to raise funds and awareness. There are also efforts that benefit from having a small team of employees involved and could suffer from having too many individuals participating. Having a clear understanding of who needs to participate and who would be better used in a different role can help to craft the intended flow of a campaign as well.
  • Determine the electronic and physical tie-ins: Creating a plan for supporting documents and social media outreach allows for the messages presented to be carefully crafted and targeted ahead of time, instead of a last-minute rush to distribute hastily created content. Nonprofit Information pointed out that the presence of social media in campaigns, whether for fundraising or the development of awareness, is a ubiquitous concept and necessary to any campaign. This extends to the distribution and even the creation of direct mail items and handouts, which are especially effective when trying to increase awareness.

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