Bonded Service Program

A Risk‐Free, Fixed Cost Solution

The Bonded Service Program takes the guess‐work, and the risk, out of reimbursing the State for unemployment claims, while allowing you to save thousands of dollars when compared to paying the state unemployment tax (SUTA).

How does it work?

The Bonded Service Program is specifically designed for your organization!

Your annual fee is based exclusively on your own unemployment experience and employment profile. There is no shared risk or shared expenses.

The Bonded Services Program assumes all unemployment claim liability.

First Nonprofit reimburses the state directly for any and all unemployment benefits paid to your former employees attributable to the coverage term. Our performance is insured by our sister company, First Nonprofit Insurance Company.

Why choose First Nonprofit?

This is the only program in the country that offers first and last dollar coverage.

The Bonded Service Program provides, at no additional cost to you, professional unemployment claims administration and cost control.

You receive services from unemployment insurance professionals familiar with your state’s laws and statutory requirements. Claims validation, representation at all unemployment appeal hearings, audit of benefit charges, and when you need advice, consultation regarding the proper handling and documents of these important and inclusive services.

Why choose First Nonprofit?

We don’t just give you access to one claims service company; we give you options. With several claims service partners across the country, choose the one that is the best fit for your organization.