Tap content marketing to engage the public

August 1, 2013

Tap content marketing to engage the public

For all the good nonprofits do throughout the year, they need a place where they can tell stories about volunteering experiences, share information about upcoming events and spread knowledge about their mission. These are just a few examples of the types of articles that can be a part of a nonprofit's content marketing strategy. Efforts to publish blogs, newsletters and general articles are growing in popularity across the country. Forty-nine percent of marketers who participated in digital marketing company IMN's recent study said they currently have a formal content marketing strategy in place.

Newsletters are a popular choice
Nonprofits often struggle to inform the public about what is going on within their organization. A recent article for Content Marketing World stated its a good idea to share engaging stories that can compel readers to learn more about the nonprofit. By sending out newsletters featuring the exciting things that happened recently at the organization, marketers may be draw in a bigger following. The IMN survey showed about two in three marketers share content through newsletters, and 51 percent send out informational mailings on a monthly basis.

Nonprofits that are worried about including content they have used on the blog or distributed via social media platforms should know it can be a good idea to repurpose content. Michele Linn, content development director at the Content Marketing Institute, said many organizations have different strategies in place for their online platforms, but she doesn't see a problem with sharing the same information on a few different marketing mediums.

"This doesn't mean using the same content in every channel but reimagining it so it is applicable to that channel and that audience," Linn said.

Blogs can attract a large audience
Newsletters are one way to catch the eye of donors and local businesses interested in getting involved with nonprofits, but blogs can be equally effective. Usually less formal than newsletters, blogs can cover a wide range of topics and have several authors. For example, if the organization just put on a fundraising event, it may be a good idea to ask an attendee to write about his or her experience. According to Content Marketing World, staff members and donors can also try their hand a writing a blog post. Regularly updating blogs with interesting information from different people associated with the nonprofit is part of a strong content marketing strategy.

Look outside the box for other types of content
While content distributed by nonprofits usually includes newsletters, blogs and shared news, an article for Mashable suggested organizations take advantage of technological innovations to expand their breadth of content. Custom magazines, webcasts and webinars, podcasts, video, e-books, research reports and email are other ideas marketers can use when creating their editorial calendar for the remainder of the year. By embracing content marketing, nonprofits have a low-cost option of getting people to notice the organization.


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We first started using First Nonprofit’s Unemployment Savings Program when we were a small startup nonprofit.  We didn’t have an HR department and needed expertise in the event that an unemployment claim was made.  We knew we were eligible to be a reimbursing employer, but weren’t sure how to navigate that process.  They made it easy to set things up, plan for, and then manage claims when they came at a very reasonable cost. The amount of time and stress they’ve saved us dealing with all this has been worth way more than the cost.  We’ve now grown to a large nonprofit and do have an HR department but have no plans to stop using their services.  I highly recommend them to every nonprofit I come into contact with!


Throughout our membership in the Unemployment Savings Program, First Nonprofit understood our demands, community dynamics, and the importance of seamless services; that allowed us to serve our constituents better.

Prevent Blindness America, Chicago, IL

Because INCS advocates for the operating conditions that allow charter public schools to provide high quality public education, partnering with First Nonprofit was an easy decision. First Nonprofit’s unemployment programs provide our member schools two operating elements crucial to their ability to provide high quality public education: savings and budget certainty. Capable, committed teachers are the key to student success. By participating in the unemployment insurance savings plan, charter public schools gain peace of mind and are able to invest more money in their teachers.

Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Chicago, IL

It has been our sincere pleasure to maintain a strong, vibrant business partnership with First Nonprofit. We greatly admire their strong industry knowledge, technical expertise, constant professionalism, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. They are always extremely responsive, personable and provide us with the necessary guidance and recommendations on a numerous variety of employment scenarios.

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Visually Impaired Preschool Services has been a client of First Non-Profit since it was first offered as a benefit of VisionServe Alliance. We completed a thorough evaluation of cash savings to our agency before taking advantage of this wonderful benefit and it has been a very wise decision. Our experience with the processes from accounting to claims have been professional, expeditious and easy.

Visually Impaired Preschool Services, Louisville, KY

Luckily for us, our interactions regarding any issues with staffing has been very minimal! I can say that all other interactions with regards to billing, 941 reporting, etc. have been extremely pleasant, accommodating and easy to work with. Kim Ghanayem is always prompt, professional and friendly. Thank you so much!

Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

First Nonprofit has been easy to work with and makes the administrative process easier and smoother. We enjoy working with you.

Visually Impaired Preschool Services, Louisville, KY