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Excess Loss Insurance

A ‘Working Excess’ Coverage

Excess loss coverage is a unique unemployment insurance option for larger employers who have already chosen reimbursement financing. Our excess loss insurance policies limit your liability when unexpected events leading to layoffs occur. The attachment point (the point at which this stop-loss insurance coverage applies) is based on your organization’s individual profile.

How is this program different from the Bonded Service Program and the Unemployment Savings Program?

Excess Loss Insurance covers you from your attachment point up to the maximum limit. The example illustrates coverage from $100,001 up to $350,000. In contrast, the Bonded Service Program provides first and last dollar coverage.

In our Excess Loss Insurance program, we do not hold any of the insured’s funds. The Unemployment Savings Program members make quarterly deposits and receive the benefit of a credit advance up to the attachment point.

Why choose First Nonprofit?

With First Nonprofit, the Excess Loss Insurance limits are calculated based on individual employer size, experience, and risk capacity.

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NYCON members who use First Nonprofit’s programs enjoy enduring savings and improved efficiency. Our association knows that success, because from the beginning, we achieved the same great benefits. Great savings, seamless technology, and responsive service. NYCON highly recommends First Nonprofit’s remarkable unemployment solutions.

New York Council of Nonprofits, Albany, NY

It has been our sincere pleasure to maintain a strong, vibrant business partnership with First Nonprofit. We greatly admire their strong industry knowledge, technical expertise, constant professionalism, knowledgeable and dedicated staff. They are always extremely responsive, personable and provide us with the necessary guidance and recommendations on a numerous variety of employment scenarios. We are impressed with the accuracy of their employment decisions, integrity of their employees and efficiency of their claim handling. We greatly respect and value the consistent, impressive cost savings from the utilization of their outstanding services.


Thresholds, Chicago, IL

Because INCS advocates for the operating conditions that allow charter public schools to provide high quality public education, partnering with First Nonprofit was an easy decision. First Nonprofit’s unemployment programs provide our member schools two operating elements crucial to their ability to provide high quality public education: savings and budget certainty. Capable, committed teachers are the key to student success. By participating in the unemployment insurance savings plan, charter public schools gain peace of mind and are able to invest more money in their teachers.

Illinois Network of Charter Schools

Throughout our membership in the Unemployment Savings Program, First Nonprofit understood our demands, community dynamics, and the importance of seamless services; that allowed us to serve our constituents better.

Hugh Parry, Retired President of Prevent Blindness America