2018 Unemployment Cost Facts for Oregon

OR 2018

What do state unemployment tax (SUTA) costs, claims costs ang wage base amounts mean to your organization?

These factors could mean less money for your cause. 

$845 Average SUTA Cost per Employee

Factors used in calculating employer state unemployment rates have increased; therefore increasing the average unemployment tax cost per employee by 66% since 2008. At $845, Oregon’s average SUTA cost is the highest in the US.

savings snipUnemployment Claim Stats

$15,704 Total Maximum Benefits

A claimant can collect up to a maximum of $15,704 on a single claim.

$71 Million Unemployment Claim Overpayments

Oregon’s fiscal year 2018 unemployment claim overpayment rate was 14.652%, equaling over $71 million.

$39,300 2018 Taxable Wage Base

Oregon’s unemployment wage base increased from $38, 400 in 2017 to $39,300 in 2018, therefore increasing the wages on which employers pay SUTA on.

2016: $36,900

2015: $35,700

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