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Meet First Nonprofit Group

Meet the First Nonprofit Group team and learn about the services we provide to nearly 2,000 organizations, representing all sectors of the nonprofit community, across the country.


How We Help

First Nonprofit Group provides nonprofit, government and tribal entities with safe, cost-saving alternatives to State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA). Our programs eliminate SUTA’s shared cost pooling to insure your organization only pays for its own claims and not anyone else’s.

About our Unemployment Savings Program

First Nonprofit’s Unemployment Savings Program provides a fixed annual budget into your organization’s very own interest-bearing, proprietary reserve account all while allowing you so save thousands of dollars when compared to paying SUTA.

About our Bonded Service Program

First Nonprofit’s Bonded Service Program takes the guess‐work, and the risk, out of reimbursing the State for unemployment claims, while allowing you to save thousands of dollars when compared to paying SUTA.

About our Partnerships

First Nonprofit Group has partnered with 33 state and national associations across the country to provide nearly 2,000 organizations with alternatives to the State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) obligation. Doug Sauer, Chief Executive Officer of the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON), talks about how First Nonprofit Group has helped NYCON members further their missions.

Unique Opportunity for Savings

Hans J. Schuster, Chief Financial Officer of Ada S. McKinkley Community Services, Inc., speaks about his experience as a member of First Nonprofit Group’s unemployment programs.

Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization located in Chicago, Illinois. Their mission is to assist individuals and families who, because of disabilities or other limiting conditions, need help in finding and pursuing paths leading to healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. To learn more, visit their website: